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Letter from
Bridget Weston

FY21 continued to challenge small business owners as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic lingered in the American small business community and an employment crisis loomed. Business owners continued to reach out to SCORE for help navigating these significant challenges. Throughout the year, SCORE volunteers provided nearly 4.6 million hours of critical and timely mentoring and education, supporting clients in navigating funding options, finding customers, responding to employee challenges and adapting daily operations. Read more >>

"Last year, SCORE helped our clients start
new small businesses,
in turn creating
new non-owner jobs.
Despite the immense challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,
of our clients stayed in business. That’s powerful!"
Bridget Weston, CEO
Client Impact Survey Demonstrates Results

Each year, SCORE, with the support of the SCORE Foundation and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC), conducts research to measure SCORE’s engagement and economic impact on the U.S. economy. Results from the 2021 study show SCORE’s client satisfaction remained high for the thirteenth year in a row. Read more >>

Throughout 2021,
SCORE offered value to entrepreneurs and small businesses nationwide:
of clients would recommend SCORE to family and friends
of clients remained in business throughout 2021
of clients confirmed SCORE helped them with their business
The SCORE client base in 2021:
2021 SCORE by the
Icon of a rocket blasting off
New Businesses Started
non-owner jobs created
total jobs created

SCORE Volunteer Hours

190,850 days
522 years
of expertise and advice!
For every $1
appropriated to SCORE
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$61.45 is returned to
the Federal Treasury
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mentoring sessions
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local workshops
success story
SiteWell Solutions

Chelsea Kidd admits, “It’s a beast to take an idea I’ve always thought about and create a fully formed business.” But that’s exactly what she did. In line with her success, Chelsea says, “Now I’m a SCORE evangelist!”

Chelsea, a certified personal trainer with a background in exercise science, resigned from her corporate wellness job and moved to Montana in early 2021. Once there, she launched SiteWell Solutions, which offers customized health, wellness, and safety services for organizations. SiteWell provides in-person or virtual health and nutrition coaching, fitness classes, 5k events, targeted injury prevention clinics and more to fit the needs of employees for the nature of work performed. Her strategies are based on worksite wellness models that bolster productivity and morale through stress management, strength and resilience training.

“I love the opportunity to influence employee wellness policies in a workplace, to create a culture of wellness – on a bigger scale – to ultimately reduce health insurance costs, prevent on-the-job injuries and create healthier, happier workers,” she explains.

Chelsea first connected with her SCORE mentors, Frank Tidikis, Brian Cassell and Rick Sanders in 2019. Back then, she was still working for her employer, but she wanted to gain skills to set the foundation for her future business goals. Her mentors helped her establish a business plan, marketing strategy, scalable scope, etc. They also helped with prospecting and public speaking.

Chelsea has now gained the confidence she needs to “step out from behind my logo and put my face out there to knock on doors. I now feel excited to tell people about myself and my business.” Her mentors helped her overcome her previous fears of failure and find a rich sense of happiness in her work.

If Chelsea could offer advice to someone who’d also like to start a business, she would immediately tell them to reach out to SCORE: “No matter where you are in your journey, call them. Don’t wait for the stars to align. Just take baby steps and go for it!”

Chelsea Kidd

“[My SCORE mentors have] been wonderful. They take things at my pace.”

Chelsea Kidd
Rick Sanders (also Frank Tidikis and Brian Cassell)
Bozeman, MT
success story
Patricia Services, LLC

Patricia Wynn is a Lifestyle Manager and Assistant. She comes to your home and assists you with anything you don’t have time for such as cooking, cleaning, running errands, laundry. She’ll help with anything that keeps your house in order, to make your life better.

“I focus on your errands so you can focus on your career and enjoy your life,” she explains.

As a former general manager for McDonald’s in Atlanta and then store manager at Wendy’s in North Carolina, Patricia spent more than 30 years rising through the ranks of the fast food industry. The discovery that she had coronary artery disease, along with growing concerns over COVID, led her to pivot her career and take control of her livelihood. That’s when she reached out to SCORE to find a mentor who could help her start a business.

Patricia had admired her mother’s work in homecare and thought of ways she could adapt this kind of work based on her own skills. She explains, “I thought I’d try to see what type of help people needed. There are a lot of people who need help with things like cooking, laundry, cleaning… so I signed up and met with my first clients.”

After a while, Patricia knew she could do this work without a middleman and could make more money if she started her own business in “Lifestyle Management.” She explains, “That’s when I connected with Maxine Stern, my SCORE mentor, who gave me good advice about how to get an LLC, create a website, join LinkedIn, and make business cards. Things like that. She was never negative, only positive. She held me accountable to keep moving forward with my dream to start a business.” By April of 2021, Patricia felt she was ready to launch Patricia Services, LLC.

Now Patricia has 10 active clients and hopes to have 20 by the end of the year if she can hire a responsible employee to help her keep up with demand. She especially hopes to tap into into the “millennial” population of clients.

Thanks to encouragement from her SCORE mentor, Patricia is thrilled to be an independent smallbusiness owner. She’s thriving in her feelings of empowerment.

Patricia Winn

“If you have a dream, go for it … do not let fear be a factor. Fear kept me in the food industry for too long. Now, I love my work. I feel satisfied, I’m not stressed, I set my hours, I feel loved.”

Patricia Wynn
Maxine Stern
Hillsborough, NC
success story

As a passionate mechanical engineer with a degree in business and love for the arts, Chris Rourk, founder of VOLTA ion in Miami, has tremendous vision. For decades he worked for corporations in the automotive service industry, but in late 2019, he was ready to launch his own business to push the industry into the future.

Then COVID brought chaos. His investors backed out and everything stalled. Fortunately, Mark Aledda, a banking expert, served as Chris’s SCORE mentor. Mark spent time working with Chris via Zoom to figure out next steps, business plans and projections. Mark was open and direct, helping Chris understand basic bank underwriting and lending principles while Chris continued to perfect the engineering of the final product. As a result, VOLTA ion’s first ever wireless/cordless heavy-duty jack became a masterpiece, with an innovative, sleek design and engineering that is truly groundbreaking.

Thanks to Mark’s consistent support and friendship during this period, Chris was also able to secure working capital from Miami Bayside Foundation. VOLTA ion launched in 2021 with a buzz of excitement as clients learned about their products. Chris enthusiastically explains, “Now we can work on a line of new equipment – with robotics that enhance human motion – totally changing the way vehicles are repaired: no noise, so easy, ergonomic, safer, better for the human body. Our jacks are just the start.”

As Chris looks back at the long path he’s taken, he encourages future small business owners to learn from their setbacks and always move forward. He says, “I’ve felt many times that people give up at the last minute – but I think they should never stop following their dreams. They should make their talents grow and never set limits.”

As a Latino business owner, Chris proudly considers the tenacity he’s needed to start his new business. He recognizes the importance of his valued employees on one hand and his SCORE mentor on the other. Chris is most excited when he can nurture his employees’ ideas and see them smile after each hardearned success: “I love to see vast potential in human capability!”

Chris Rourk of VOLTA ion standing with his product in a hallway

“I want to build machines that help humans, making service-sector jobs easier with fewer injuries. I’ve watched the automobile industry evolve and go green, but not the equipment used to service those machines. Our work will change the norm in the market for the better.”

Chris Rourk
Mark Aledda
Miami, FL
success story
Digital with Danielle

Danielle Neal is a 25-year-old Baltimore-based entrepreneur who started her business, Digital with Danielle, in 2020. At first this work was essentially a side hustle, where she offered advice on how to use social media and its new features through Instagram Live. Her fun conversations there taught her that women, especially, face unnecessary barriers and a lack of confidence when using social media platforms for business growth. She instinctively knew she could be an empowering force in this arena and excel at addressing people’s social medial pain points.

Before taking the leap to start a business, Danielle was a full-time schoolteacher. With no prior business experience, Danielle tapped into SCORE. Her SCORE mentor, Rich Rubinstein, helped her answer questions, think strategically, raise funds and even change her messaging to match her expertise. After bi-weekly Zoom meetings with Rich throughout the pandemic, Danielle decided to quit her teaching job in 2021 and launch Digital with Danielle.

In just one year since starting her business, Danielle is busy with clients and filled with confidence and excitement. “I don’t think of myself as ‘small’ because of the small business title. I am really creating a global brand,” she explains.

Danielle loves what she’s doing, and her bubbly excitement can be felt immediately. She believes her SCORE mentor helped map revenue for growth but, more importantly, “map her legacy.” As a first generation entrepreneur, she is glad to tap her newly gained skills to help her community grow, too.

Danielle would tell future business owners: “Believe in the vision you have. Know that you can be seen and valued for what you bring to the table.” In addition, she encourages entrepreneurs to reach out to SCORE for support: “You can do so much more when you get help.”

“My SCORE coach taught me that I can have premium clients. I have to offer premium services and price premium deals. I learned to ignore my initial feelings of “imposter syndrome” because I have more experience in this than others. I have a lot to offer.”

Danielle Neal
Rich Rubinstein
Baltimore, MD
Image of the cover of the Startup Roadmap  guide, Chapter 4 Business Plan or Business Model Canvas
Sponsored by
FedEx logo
STARTUP roadmap

The path to business ownership is an exciting journey but also a challenging one. SCORE’s Startup Roadmap, sponsored by FedEx, offers entrepreneurs a step by step guide to navigate a successful business launch. Read more >>

Clients agree the content helps demystify the startup process:

“This has really allowed me to start putting things down on paper. I like the pre-generated documents that were nice tools and easy to use. I can use them for other ventures as well!”

Icon of three people standing together
People have used the
guide since 2020
Icon of an eye
Pageviews of the Startup Roadmap

At SCORE, we know that disasters, economic downturns and catastrophic events can present unprecedented challenges for small business owners. That is why we developed the Small Business Resilience Hub to provide disaster preparation, recovery and resilience resources to help small businesses thrive despite unexpected interruptions.

“My SCORE mentor was an excellent listener, coach and mentor throughout the COVID pandemic. He was calm, professional and worked with us to find appropriate resources to stay abreast of changing protocol and manage staff during a mandatory shut down.”

Shannon Woods, Owner, Woods Orthodontics about mentor Ed Weiser

To date, SCORE has helped
business owners who have experienced unprecedented challenges.

The SCORE Small Business
Resilience Program is presented by:

Constant Contact logo

Sponsored by:

Block of logos, FedEx, Progressive, Advance Your Reach, Grow with Google, Nav, Trend Micro, ADP, Deluxe

To serve the needs of business owners seeking critical and immediate guidance during the pandemic, SCORE developed LiveChat. This new feature on connects entrepreneurs with expert mentors 24x7 to chat live online or get answers to urgent questions. Read more >>

Woman sitting at desk on phone in her office

“Tom was very helpful in getting me started and leading to great SCORE resources.”

“Spencer was super helpful and was a calm reassurance that I still have time to essentially save my business. He is truly an amazing person!”

More than
chats were held in 2021!
Woman and man business working together in conference room on laptop
Man and woman discussing business
wooden open sign on distressed white wood door
Unsung Entrepreneurs
key findings

Three groups of entrepreneurs consistently outperform others as engines for the small business economy. They start businesses at higher rates and operate more small businesses than others, yet they are consistently overlooked and often climb steeper hills to achieve their goals.

The Megaphone of Main Street Unsung Entrepreneurs: Immigrants, Veterans and Encore Spring 2021 report header

The Megaphone of Main Street is a biannual data report that showcases survey responses from SCORE’s large, diverse population of clients to cultivate a more accurate understanding of the true state of today’s Main Street, USA. This data fills a gap in the existing small business research by diving deep into the motivations and experiences of American small business owners as they navigate challenges and embrace entrepreneurial opportunities.

Two asian men restaurant
Immigrants are
40.2% more likely to
start a business and are more optimistic about hiring new employees than others.
Veteran business owner working at desk
of the veteran business owners surveyed have a service-related disability. Many note the obstacles they face due to disability or bias.
Woman pottery business owner working in her studio
Encore entrepreneurs are
25.1% more likely
to cite their skills in effective business planning as a strength compared to younger business owners.

key findings


The fall 2021 edition of the Megaphone of Main Street focused on the employment crisis.

Two pages of the Small Business Jobs Report
Woman entrepreneur shaking hands, meeting with her business mentor
of business owners believe that "hiring the right talent" is the number one challenge.
Image of empty office
of business owners report having unfilled job openings within the past six months.
Small business employer giving female employee a piece of paper
of business owners report pressure to increase wages to stay competitive compared with 2017 survery results (26.2%).
Black business owner in office looking into the distance feeling optimistic
Despite recent challenges,
of business owners report feeling optimistic about the next six months, little decline compared to 2017 results showing 69% optimism.
diversity, equity and inclusion
 Culture at SCORE

SCORE is committed to cultivating a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) among our volunteers, staff and Board to better serve our clients and engage our volunteers.


Ensure consistent and easy-to-understand messaging on SCORE materials related to DEI.


Support DEI education program to achieve culture of inclusion.


Oversee program implementation


Measure and evaluate the progress of DEI efforts.


Provide insights to leadership through open two-way communication with diverse volunteers.

Diversity, equity and inclusion
SCORE for all
score for all
score for all
SCORE for All logo

At SCORE, we believe anyone can start a small business with the right support. We also know that the road is harder for some than others. Recognizing that diverse backgrounds, different voices and unique needs may call for specialized resources or a personalized approach to mentoring, SCORE for All was developed. Read more >>

In FY21, SCORE developed specific hubs within SCORE for All focused on the needs of women entrepreneurs, Black entrepreneurs, Hispanic entrepreneurs and veteran entrepreneurs, with additional hubs planned. This wholly-inclusive online platform, together with culturally-sensitive mentoring, provides resources and training tailored to meet the needs of these diverse communities.

Portrait of Asian woman entrepreneurPortrait of caucasian woman entrepreneur
SCORE for All Women Entrepreneurs logo
Portrait of hispanic male entrepreneurPortrait of hispanic female entrepreneur
SCORE for All Hispanic Entrepreneurs logo
Portrait of black female entrepreneurPortrait of black male entrepreneur
SCORE for All Black Entrepreneurs logo
Portrait of male veteran entrepreneurPortrait of female veteran entrepreneur
SCORE for All Veteran Entrepreneurs logo
SCORE client demographics |
Graph of SCORE Client demographics comparing 2021 and 2020 of black, hispanic, women, and veterans
SCORE for All resource hubs received nearly
SCORE’s client base saw an increase in service to:
black Entrepreneurs
Women Entrepreneurs
Diversity, equity and inclusion
Media Campaign Focused on Reaching Diverse Audiences

In FY21, SCORE developed a targeted media relations campaign to support minority-owned businesses and promote volunteer recruitment of Black and Hispanic business owners as mentors. The media campaign raised significant awareness for SCORE, resulting in nearly 13,000 clips, 96 million impressions and an ad value equivalency of $894,250. Read more >>

Two Hispanic women working on their online clothing store smiling.
13,000 clips
96M impressions:

ad value

The New York Times logo
USBC logo
NBC logo
El Tiempo Latino logo

“ There’s not enough ink in my pen to write about everything that’s great about my mentor, Mr. Mark Maguire. What makes him an exceptional mentor are the qualities he possesses naturally: his willingness to share his genius, skills, knowledge, and expertise - at a level that’s not condescending or confusing - in a concise manner that makes it easy to understand. “

Ursula Augustine — Ursula’s About Phace Rittenhouse Studio

Volunteers in Action
Driving Client Success:
Driving Client Success:

Volunteer Engagement Survery Results Remain Strong

Survey results indicate that overall engagement continues to be strong throughout the pandemic. SCORE volunteers maintain an engagement level of 4.40 on a five-point scale.

Engagement Score:

Expert Volunteers
More than
240 Chapters
communities nationwide

"This is the highest engagement rating SCORE volunteers have had in the past 10 years - they showed up for small businesses during the pandemic, more than ever!" - SCORE Vice President of Field Operations Doug Nohe

Washington, D.C.

The Washington D.C. chapter was selected from among 241 SCORE chapters nationwide based on its quick and effective response in supporting small business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more >>

“I am so proud of our team and the work we’ve been able to do to help small business owners thrive, despite this pandemic.”
-Chapter Chair Mariann Zylstra


Increase in total services in 2020

Volunteers in Action
Engage Rollout Complete

New CRM Will Improve User Engagement

Over the past two years, SCORE designed, built, tested and rolled out a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system: SCORE Engage. Designed to facilitate and improve the quality of user engagement through the organization’s three major user journeys – client mentoring, volunteering and training -- Engage implementation was completed in FY21. Read more about SCORE Engage.

Chapters currently live in Engage:

9,000 active and provisional volunteers
are currently on the system

Logged in the last six months


Total Unique Logins

average logins per day:
SCORE Association FY21

SCORE is headquartered in Herndon, Va. with a staff of 41 and 10,000+ volunteers in 240+ chapters across the nation. Office space is generously donated by SBA district offices, Chambers of Commerce and other community supporters.

In 2021, SCORE received a federal grant of
$12.2 million
from the SBA
SCORE nearly generated
$5 million
additional revenue from the field

The SCORE Association thanks the generous individuals and organizations that have helped small business entrepreneurs across the country with their support.