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SCORE has the largest network of free volunteer small business mentors in the nation. No matter what stage your business is at SCORE has a mentor for you. Easily request a mentor to help you start, grow, or transition your business today!

Kristen Richards owner of Front Porch Baking with her SCORE mentor in her retail store
Keisha Finnie, Owner of Keisha Finnie Art, and SCORE Mentor in front of one of Keisha's murals
Patience Buckwalter, Owner of Grape Leaf Cafe with her mentor in the cafe kitchen

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SCORE business mentors can help you start, grow, or transition your business.

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Kristen Richards owner of Front Porch Baking

"Working with my mentor provided and continues to provide me with an outsider outlook on my business who can always show me the objectives and be a sounding board to problem solve. Having the chance to connect with my mentor helped me map out a business plan and a timeline for my business startup projection."

Kristen Richards,

Owner, Front Porch Baking Co.
Keisha Finnie owner of Keisha Finnie Arts

"Beverly was the sweetest woman from the day we met. I went into our meeting there not knowing anything. But Beverley reassured me that there were no "dumb questions". She found the proper help of a co-mentor to set me up with the tax credentials I needed at that time. Throughout the COVID pandemic crisis, Beverley would regularly check in with me to see me and would always take time to congratulate me on my success. I always recommend SCORE to anyone I know that needs help getting on track with their business."

Keisha Finnie,

Artist & Founder, Keisha Finnie Art
Patience Buckwalter, founder of Grape Leaf Café and Empowerment Center

“Whether you are planning your next small business or nonprofit seeking guidance and support can help you and your vision! My mentor was able to challenge me to see the side of the business that I needed to learn to help Grape Leaf Cafe & Empowerment Center. I have been blessed with so many mentors in my life to help guide me, and it just felt natural to seek out another mentor at SCORE!”

Patience Buckwalter,

Founder of Grape Leaf Café & Empowerment Center
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Chef Oliver Saye
Chef Oliver Saye

Founder, homage: Cuisines of the West African Diaspora

"Sometimes, as a small business owner, there are a lot of things you don't know. I am a chef, so I know how to cook. That's my strong point. I am not the best with finance, and I am sure I am not alone in that. So, I reached out for the help of a SCORE mentor who was a finance expert, and it was a tremendous help."

Jason Stone The Productive Peasant Farm Co
Jason Stone

Founder, The Productive Peasant Farm Co.

"Well, I would first say take advantage of this invaluable resource! It doesn't matter what phase of your business planning you're in, whether it's the initial concept formation or you're looking to reconfigure your sales and customer base. Just an hour or so with a SCORE mentor can offer valuable insights and ideas that give your project real momentum."

CWR, Founder and Executive Director, Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation
Betsy Shank

Founder, Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation

"Mr. Beyer has been an outstanding mentor - advising, encouraging, suggesting, and praising. We worked entirely virtually on all of the documents necessary for a very specialized nonprofit. He explained things I didn't understand, reminded me of things I forgot about, all the while keeping me on my toes and smiling. His sense of humor is wicked funny!"

澳洲幸运5开奖网官方网站-开奖记录查询 Become a SCORE Mentor

SCORE is looking for people with diverse backgrounds and experiences to serve as knowledgeable business mentors for SCORE clients. You would be advising small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs along each stage of their journey from assisting with business plan development to guiding business owners as they grow. Use the skills and knowledge in your field to help entrepreneurs reach their dream of business ownership!

Cyndi DeLong SCORE Mentor
Cyndi DeLong

SCORE Volunteer Mentor

"I was drawn to volunteer work to learn more about the community, meet interesting people, and also use my skill set to coach others. I have found that I often learn as much as the person who has come to be mentored. Each one has a unique experience and life goal, and it feels very rewarding to play a small part in helping people move their dreams forward."

Cyndi DeLong

SCORE Volunteer Mentor
Erik Shaw SCORE Mentor
Erik Shaw

SCORE Volunteer Mentor

" As a transplant to the area, I knew that I wanted to become more involved with the community and loved seeing the local support for small businesses. At the time, I had been coaching entrepreneurs in Africa for the past four years. This prompted me to reach out to SCORE Lancaster – Lebanon with a desire to lend my expertise to support the visions of local entrepreneurs."

Erik Shaw

SCORE Volunteer Mentor
Joella Gamon SCORE Mentor
Joella Gamon

SCORE Volunteer Mentor

"I've found that volunteering is a simple way to meet people outside of my immediate circle. I can use my skills to make the world a little better while learning from people who may have had different experiences or think differently from me. I believe a strong community leads to growth, and giving back is an excellent way to practice gratitude for what I have been given."

Joella Gamon

SCORE Volunteer Mentor